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6 Different And Cool Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are so much fun and exciting because they are meant to celebrate the upcoming birth. And there is no better way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your precious baby than having a fun celebration with your friends and family. Some pregnant moms prefer to do a gender reveal party which is a celebration that has to do with the guests guessing the sex of the unborn baby until it is revealed by having a pink or blue filler in cake, or confetti with those colors being scattered through a popped balloon or through other ways. The gender reveal component of a baby shower is a new thing but not every expectant parent wants to incorporate that in the shower celebration.

However, let’s now focus on 6 baby shower ideas that have nothing to do with any gender reveal parties or anything related to that. Listed below are some baby shower ideas that expectant moms can be inspired by when they are planning their baby shower:

  1. Have An Outdoor Party – That all depends on the weather of course, but if it is warm and dry outside, why not have a baby shower in the backyard or even better, at a conservation park if they allow parties. That would be fun because you could have a barbeque and even add some outdoor games as well.
  2. Have A Buffet – Many baby showers include snacks, a meal, and desserts. However, why not book a room at a hotel and have a buffet for your guests. Even some buffet restaurants would take reservations for this event as well and allow you to rent a private room.
  3. Make It A Spa Day – The mom-to-be would absolutely enjoy having a manicure, pedicure, facial, and a massage, as long as it is safe. However, why not offer to pamper the guests as well? You could have a spa day baby shower for the mom and the guests and that would be so much fun!
  4. Do Some Arts And Crafts – Arts and crafts are not just for kids because plenty of adults enjoy that activity as well. So why not have a baby shower where the guests and the mom-to-be can enjoy an hour or so of doing some arts and crafts. Just get the construction paper, markers, paints, glitter, glue, and other materials ready so everyone can have fun with that.
  5. Play Some Different Games – Many times games are incorporated in the baby shower celebrations, but there are some unique ones that could be a lot of fun. Some ideas for unique baby shower games would be the guests bringing baby pictures of themselves and putting them randomly on a table without their names being written on it. The game would be for others to guess who’s who. And the winners would get a prize. Another game idea would be for baby names to be written out and the guests would have to guess which celebrities are the parents to the names written out. The sky is most definitely the limit with that so any unique game you can incorporate in the baby shower would be a lot of fun!

  6. Have A Girls Night Out – Who says the baby shower has to happen during the day at someone’s home or some reception hall? Why not make it a girls night out to a fancy restaurant or go dancing at a club which would have to be smoke-free for obvious reasons? Or just a night out on the town? You can get very creative as to where you would want to go for the night out. But having a baby shower in the evening is definitely a fun idea and a unique one as well.

Another note as well is that some couples will not host baby showers due to cultural or religious reasons, and if this applies to you, then these ideas can also be used as party ideas for after the baby arrives. Hire a babysitter and let the mom be pampered and allow her to have some fun because she needs it. Having a baby changes your life forever, but it is one heck of a reason to celebrate. With that said baby showers are meant to celebrate life because a new life is about to come into this world, and you would want to make this as exciting as you possibly can. However, some moms prefer to have a traditional and quiet baby shower and there is nothing wrong with that either. Either way, whether you want to celebrate the baby before or after birth, have fun with it!

Pregnancy Stretch Marks – How to Care for and Prevent

Then, from there the perfect body is facing a new reality. Despite the joy of having children, this exclusive privilege of women to be able to generate and feel, the marks are also only for the future mother. It is very common to appear stretch marks in pregnancy since the whole body is changing. So many hormones, so many new sensations and now another change. But how to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy? What to use to prevent stretch marks? After delivery is it possible to treat the stretch marks that have appeared? Let’s look at these issues.

What is Estria?

The skin is composed primarily of fibers, the strip is the stretching with rupture of the fibers that make up the skin, be it of the belly, breasts, thighs or any other place of the body. In pregnancy, the uterus grows with the evolution of pregnancy and consequently, the abdominal skin is stretched and when it is beyond capacity the stria in pregnancy appears.

How to Avoid Stretch Marks in Pregnancy?

Hydration! This is the keyword for this subject. It is very simple, just moisturize the skin and also the body, one of the secrets to smooth skin is the consumption of a lot of water. Creams help to moisturize on the outside but the greatest of all the trumps that a pregnant woman can have to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy, first of all, is to moisturize the body from the inside out.

Which Cream to Use?

Creams are the most varied in the market, of course, there is always a more effective that end up becoming the darling of pregnant women, and stretch marks in pregnancy are perfectly avoidable with prevention and use of these creams.

Author’s Experience

When I was pregnant for the first time, I went to the dermatologist who prescribed a formula with components like grape oil and some other ingredients, but for me, it did not particularly helpful, they appeared in large quantities in the abdomen. Despite having used almond oil after bathing, they still showed up, so it did not work either. Now in the second pregnancy I used the cream that really had an important role for me, it was Hidramamy, it is very fragrant and very good break, I did not have stretch marks in that gestation. I even tried Luciara, but I confess that Hidramamy conquered me on that occasion. In the third gestation I got a cream from a friend, she bought it for about US $ 5.00 and it was another passion, it’s called Cocoa Butter for pregnant women, it’s a tube that made the whole pregnancy, because I used it with the cream hidramamy, the two together were perfect! It has a great coconut smell and surprised me by the price and quality . Here in Brazil you will find approximately R $ 70,00, it is a very big difference of values so if you are going abroad or know someone who is going, then it makes a lot of difference to bring from there. Stretch marks … I already had them, and now there is a solution? So nowadays there are very advanced treatments when the subject is estria, soon I will speak of them more deeply.

Pimples on Pregnancy – What to Do?

In pregnancy we already have to deal with various changes in our body like weight gain, swelling, hair that changes and sometimes pimples that insist on appearing, even having never suffered with acnes problems.

Why Do These Changes Occur?

These changes occur due to the increase of progesterone in the woman’s body, and in the case of pimples in pregnancy they tend to appear more on the face, neck and back because they are more oily places and because it is an area where there are more sebaceous glands.

Some cares

The ideal is to maintain some care to avoid that it increases even more the oiliness of the skin, as:

Always keep the skin clean and preferably use neutral soap

Use moisturizers without oils

Remove makeup before bed

In pregnancy should not use ointments, soaps and medications for pimples without the prescription of the doctor , because many contain substances that can be harmful to the baby, preferably use the natural tips and control skin cleansing, this will help to maintain the pimples because it will make it easier for the pores of the skin not to become clogged. Another indication for pregnant women is that they use sunscreen during pregnancy, because during pregnancy the rates of skin blemishes increase considerably due to the increase of melanin  in the body. Today there are some makeup options with sunscreen that can normally be used by pregnant women.

Home Tips for Pimples in Pregnancy

Since pregnant women do not have so many options for medications and soaps to relieve the discomfort of pimples during pregnancy, we look for some natural tips that may help:

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is indicated to be rich in vitamin A, which helps control the oiliness of the skin. It is indicated that the pregnant woman takes 1 glass per day. How to do: Peel 1 large carrot and beat in processor / blender, add 1 cup of water and roast. The carrot juice can be beaten together with the juice of an orange.

Rice Water Mask

Old recipe that can be used at any stage of life, especially in pregnancy because it is a natural tip. The ideal is to wash the face 2 X a day with rice water, this will help keep the face less oily. How to make: Leave 1 cup of rice sauce in 1 liter of water for at least 24 hours

Rice mask with honey

This mask is ideal to be made before bed and taken after 20 minutes with plenty of water. It is ideal for the control of pimples and spots especially during pregnancy. How to cook: Cook 2 tablespoons of rice only with water, cook until “soaked”, after cooking and cold add 1 tablespoon of honey and stir until it turns a creamy pastry. It can be passed on the face, neck and back. If the enlargement of the pimples is great and cause discomfort, the demand for a dermatologist that indicates the ideal treatment is indicated. Remembering that it is only a phase that will last a few months and will end with the birth of the baby and the hormones after birth.

Cellulite in Pregnancy – How to Fight Them?

In women we spend our entire lives preoccupied with hiding blessed cellulites and stretch marks, and few know that cellulite in pregnancy tends to worsen much more because of the increase in hormones. During pregnancy there is a very large increase in the production of estrogen which is the female hormone responsible for the distribution of fat cells in our body. Because hormone production during pregnancy is far above normal, the body will accumulate in the areas most likely to deposit localized fats making it obstruct the lymphatic drainage system and weakening the tissues that make it appear on cellulites, so care should be doubled during the period of pregnancy. For moms who lead a healthy life regurgitated to exercise and proper nutrition before becoming pregnant and do not have a very large gain of weight during pregnancy, will not have as much problem with cellulite in pregnancy. Because cellulite shows that body cells are not good for accommodating weight gain , having a healthier and more prepared body will not take that much risk.

What Can I Do to Reduce Cellulite in Pregnancy?

If the woman already has cellulitis normally, it may be genetic or even the bad diet that follows, but there are ways to soften and prevent them from appearing even more during the period of pregnancy. Here are some tips: Include in your menu foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E, they are great assistants for skin control, in addition to the omega-3 fatty foods that help in the elasticity of the skin and get pregnant faster. Exfoliating massage in the bath, with a soft loofah making circular movements throughout the body, especially in the region of the thighs, buttocks, arms, and waist where more fat accumulates. This will help to break down fat deposits under the skin, causing them to be eliminated by the blood and avoiding cellulite. Drink plenty of water. Water, in addition, to moisturize the body, prevent toxins from forming in your body and prevents fluid retention.

In addition to these tips, the pregnant woman can keep moving by practicing physical exercises that will help her health, such as yoga and water aerobics. Good nutrition is essential and it is advised to reduce the consumption of coffee since besides collaborating for the orange peel effect on the skin it is pointed out as a great cause of the dehydration of the cells in the body. Another drink that is more and more known is green tea. It is recommended to take one cup per day to aid in the detoxification of the body, being a food rich in oxidants. It helps to control blood sugar levels, obviously should be taken in moderation. Ideally, a woman should control her weight gain during pregnancy, eat healthily and maintain a healthy routine by exercising. The use of cellulite creams is not advised during pregnancy because it contains abortifacient substances, so it is always good to receive advice from your doctor for the use of any treatment.

Pregnant Can You Paint Hair? Know What to Use in Pregnancy

One of the most common doubts in pregnancy and also a myth that persists between pregnant and pregnant women, can or can not dye their hair? Just use special dyes for pregnant women, correct products and the correct way and with the help and or permission of your obstetrician.

Why Pregnant Can not Paint Hair?

But why before could not paint and now can? Before, all the dyes were manufactured from ammonia, which is harmful to the pregnancy and the baby. They are strong chemicals that can fall into the mother’s bloodstream and can harm the baby because it can overcome the placental barrier. From the 3rd month ( 12 weeks ) the doctor can release the use of paints without ammonia and without hydrogen peroxide, so the pregnant woman can paint the hair, but it wicks away from the root of the hair. In Pregnancy the woman gets her hair and nails much more beautiful and there is still more desirable to paint the hair to complement this beauty, but be aware of it. Below the word of a medical dermatologist on the subject.

How to Replace Hair Dye in Pregnancy

If you have the darker root and pint of lighter colors the option to not get the huge root is to darken all the hair to balance the look. It is also recommended for future moms to leave root retouching for after delivery. The wires hold up chemistry and do not take anything into the bloodstream, but the root does. So it is best to avoid getting the dye so in the root even if you are in advanced weeks of gestation. Another neat trick is the oil bath, a darker tincture that can be mixed with cream and so leaves weaker than pure paint. Lights, these are also allowed from the 12th week.

What Can I Use in Pregnancy?

There are some brands of tincture for pregnant women in the market like Lorea’l, Bigen and many a henna base. Have to pay attention when buying and make sure with the usual hairdresser for a brand that does not even contain these products that can be harmful to the baby. Remember that gestation is a relatively short period of our lives, I think you can think of making freaky chemicals after that period, then leave that different color you’d like to test and never color or chemistry before consulting your obstetrician. Nothing progressive in our hair!