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6 Different And Cool Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are so much fun and exciting because they are meant to celebrate the upcoming birth. And there is no better way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your precious baby than having a fun celebration with your friends and family. Some pregnant moms prefer to do a gender reveal party which is a celebration that has to do with the guests guessing the sex of the unborn baby until it is revealed by having a pink or blue filler in cake, or confetti with those colors being scattered through a popped balloon or through other ways. The gender reveal component of a baby shower is a new thing but not every expectant parent wants to incorporate that in the shower celebration.

However, let’s now focus on 6 baby shower ideas that have nothing to do with any gender reveal parties or anything related to that. Listed below are some baby shower ideas that expectant moms can be inspired by when they are planning their baby shower:

  1. Have An Outdoor Party – That all depends on the weather of course, but if it is warm and dry outside, why not have a baby shower in the backyard or even better, at a conservation park if they allow parties. That would be fun because you could have a barbeque and even add some outdoor games as well.
  2. Have A Buffet – Many baby showers include snacks, a meal, and desserts. However, why not book a room at a hotel and have a buffet for your guests. Even some buffet restaurants would take reservations for this event as well and allow you to rent a private room.
  3. Make It A Spa Day – The mom-to-be would absolutely enjoy having a manicure, pedicure, facial, and a massage, as long as it is safe. However, why not offer to pamper the guests as well? You could have a spa day baby shower for the mom and the guests and that would be so much fun!
  4. Do Some Arts And Crafts – Arts and crafts are not just for kids because plenty of adults enjoy that activity as well. So why not have a baby shower where the guests and the mom-to-be can enjoy an hour or so of doing some arts and crafts. Just get the construction paper, markers, paints, glitter, glue, and other materials ready so everyone can have fun with that.
  5. Play Some Different Games – Many times games are incorporated in the baby shower celebrations, but there are some unique ones that could be a lot of fun. Some ideas for unique baby shower games would be the guests bringing baby pictures of themselves and putting them randomly on a table without their names being written on it. The game would be for others to guess who’s who. And the winners would get a prize. Another game idea would be for baby names to be written out and the guests would have to guess which celebrities are the parents to the names written out. The sky is most definitely the limit with that so any unique game you can incorporate in the baby shower would be a lot of fun!

  6. Have A Girls Night Out – Who says the baby shower has to happen during the day at someone’s home or some reception hall? Why not make it a girls night out to a fancy restaurant or go dancing at a club which would have to be smoke-free for obvious reasons? Or just a night out on the town? You can get very creative as to where you would want to go for the night out. But having a baby shower in the evening is definitely a fun idea and a unique one as well.

Another note as well is that some couples will not host baby showers due to cultural or religious reasons, and if this applies to you, then these ideas can also be used as party ideas for after the baby arrives. Hire a babysitter and let the mom be pampered and allow her to have some fun because she needs it. Having a baby changes your life forever, but it is one heck of a reason to celebrate. With that said baby showers are meant to celebrate life because a new life is about to come into this world, and you would want to make this as exciting as you possibly can. However, some moms prefer to have a traditional and quiet baby shower and there is nothing wrong with that either. Either way, whether you want to celebrate the baby before or after birth, have fun with it!

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